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Dollie Woes...and plans? Maybe?

Thu Jul 9, 2015, 12:49 AM

:star: Woes :star:
I've just been feeling so absolutely blah with my resin crew as of lately. Between needing a new washing machine and dryer, and having 100 million other dollie plans that I'd like to work on, I really think it's time I reconsider some of my collection and let some go. It's just so hard to do that sometimes. I've already listed my DZ Flower Fairy up on FAcebook, DoA, and Tumblr, but I haven't really bumped the sales thread much. I spent so long looking for her and was so excited when I finally got her, but I have yet to do anything with her over the years and honestly I don't figure she'll ever be a priority since I scrapped the story shes in long ago. 

I'm also considering selling Niabi (my Ltf El x Soom Afi hybrid). I don't hardly ever photograph her and I just am unsure how I feel about her for the character anymore. I may also just decide to sell her faceplate and keep her body and headback and maybe later I can buy a Ltf that I might enjoy more like a Bisou or something. I tend to not do well with small dolls it seems. I have two heads I'm thinking may need to go. I don't know when either will ever get finished and it's a shame to just have them lying around and all doing nothing with them. And I may need to destash a body I impulsed last year for a pastel boy that I never got going. I could also destash a small lot of SD girls clothing as well, I just am not sure anyone would want to buy it all together but I suppose I could try. Listing things piece by piece gets frustrating for me when I have a good bit of it.

:star: Plans :star:
:bulletgreen: Cam and Cayson - I would like to work on getting them finished up. They both need new bodies (shooting for Mirodoll 70cms maybe). Cam needs a wig (which I'm working on a trade for) and Cayson could use a new one since his is a bit too big after I re-shelled him but I can deal with it until that time comes.
:bulletgreen: Eiji needs his tattoo work started.
:bulletgreen: Lennox will eventually need a new faceup but I'm trying to wait until his body comes back to even worry about that.
:bulletgreen: Hemlock needs a new wig (hopefully will have one soon), faceup, and matching service among other things. 
:bulletgreen: Sola could use a different faceup or maybe at least a little color addition to her lips and some clothes of her own.
:bulletgreen: Breezy and Bane both need new wigs or theirs need heavily tamed.
:bulletgreen: New Rumael needs a faceup and some hand blushing (and clothes, and a wig, etc.) like asap!!! I can't stand not being able to take photos of his beautiful face!!!

:star: Farther Away Future Plans :star:
:bulletred: I need to work on moving Lucian and Lily Belle over to SD sized sculpts. Which would mean buying an entire new doll for Lily Belle (maybe a Supia Lina) and maybe dying an existing head I own for Lucian.
:bulletred: I would love to get a Switch Seolrok for my character Rafe. I had a wtb out for ages when I had bday money and nothing ever came about. Recently I was offered to buy 3 different ones but with no job and no sales I had to turn them all down.
:bulletred: I'm considering getting two Pukifees (yes I know, I said I don't do well with smaller dolls, but darnit I want one or two) or maybe one to dress all cute and pastel-y. My crew needs some soft pretty colors for once! Ha!
:bulletred: I eventually need to find a GS doll that could work well as a demon to go alongside Rumael.
:bulletred: I need to find the perfect sculpt for Cam's boyfriend Peter.
:bulletpurple: Worth nothing, I have no clue how many decades it will take me to finish both of these "plans" lists! XD

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